What’s special about Tweedle Farms merch?

Like Tweedle Farms? Do you want to support Northwest Oregon’s premiere, family owned hemp farm? Then let the world know with some merch, whether it be clothes, stickers, or smoking accessories. Merch makes a great addition to your purchase if it’s intended to be a gift.

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What sort of merch do you have?

We’ve got t-shirts and hoodies. Two of our Ts (one in white and one in black) are made out of 55% hemp for a more sustainable alternative. And we’ve got stickerspins (our original logo and graffiti style), and koozies-- so your drink stays cold and your stuff stays cool. 

Do you have CBD accessories too?

We’ve got grindersrolling papers, and even handmade bowls--each carved from whisky or bourbon staves (the wooden sides of the barrels), to add unique flavor to each of your pulls. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, you’ll want a grinder and rolling paper if you or the gift recipient intend to smoke our product. Our rolling papers come in packs one, five, or ten. 

What sort of CBD products can I use the grinders and rolling papers with?

You can use them with our hemp flowerssmall buds, and even our shake. While we recommend that our shake be used to infuse butter or coconut oil so that you can make edibles, people do still smoke shake. That’s because it’s already ground up and the flowers are drier than regular buds, which means shake makes your joints easier to roll and burn.