Team Member Tuesday - Vol. 1 Team Member Tuesday - Vol. 1

Team Member Tuesday - Vol. 1

Posted by Andrew Gruver on Feb 22nd 2019

Welcome to Team Member Tuesday! At Tweedle Farms, we know that people make the company. So we want to let you get to know the people that mean so much to us. Each month we will feature a member of our team and give you a chance to “meet” them.

This month we are featuring Chris. He works in shipping and his amazing attention to detail ensures that you get the products you order in a timely manner. For a lot of us, our dedication to cannabis has brought us here– but we work days. That makes it a “day job.” And like most of us, Chris has whole lot going on in his off hours! Let’s take a look!

Chris and his equally talented wife, Shelbie, have an Etsy shop called SKN Creations. They’re getting ready to change the name to Nerdism. I sat down with him for just a moment to get talk about things.

Thanks for doing this, Chris, first, I have to ask...Why Nerdism?

We are both nerds and we wanted to do something that would be fun to other nerds.

How would you describe your products?

Fun. We hope the things we make bring people back to their childhoods. We want to make things that will make you happy.

How long have you been in business?

My wife has been doing this for three years. We were married November 10th of last year.


Thanks! (laughs) So, when we got married, we decided to dive in and make this a family business. When we joined forces, we extended our product line. She had been focusing on soft dolls and now we do action heroes (of all sorts) with perler beads as well. We even have Bob Ross– and you know he’s a hero to so many.

What brought you to Tweedle?

My best friend, Herman, worked on the actual farm. As the company expanded, they realized they needed a dedicated shipping team and they brought me on.

How do you like working here?

I LOVE it. I come From a corporate environment. I was in management for 10 years. This is so much more of a family environment. At corporate, you are just a number. Nobody looks after you. At Tweedle, we are all very invested in each other, in the team. I feel like we look after each other.

Is this just a day job? NO! I really love this is a company and it is just starting to expand. I look forward to growing with the company. It’s all very exciting.

How can people find your company?

We are on Etsy at

In fact, let’s give 10% off to the entire extended Tweedle Family!

Awesome! Got a code for that?

Let’s use TWEEDLE

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting Chris. And I hope you can get in touch with your inner nerd and check out his Etsy shop. He was nice enough to bring in a creation for each of us on the Tweedle team so I can tell you– the perler bead figurines are all amazing!


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