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  • Featured Reviewer: Ten Percent Media

    Without further ado, here's Ten Percent Media with their latest fusion of comic surrealism as they review Tweedle Farm's CBD strain, "Elektra."
  • Solventless CBD Extraction: A how-to guide by Pure Pressure & Tweedle Farms

    To celebrate the passage of the Farm Bill, Pure Pressure offers instruction on processing high-CBD hemp flower. Their first piece of advice? Start with quality flower.
  • Team Member Tuesday - Vol. 1

    Welcome to Team Member Tuesday! At Tweedle Farms, we know that people make the company. So we want to let you get to know the people that mean so m...
  • FDA Approves CBD-Based Epidiolex The Food and Drug Administration approved GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabidiol-...
  • History of Medical Cannabis Uses: Infographic   Cannabis has been used for millenia all around the world. This nicely ...
  • Fighting fakes: Hemp leaders on the dangers of synthetic CBD

  • A Formal Introduction to Tweedle Farms

    With the rise of today’s CBD market comes a rise in interest and demand for Hemp/CBD Flower. One of the main sources and most natural forms of CBD, hemp flower is also making it’s own emergence. Many consumers look towards Tweedle Farms in Jewell Oregon, as their choice vendor. 
  • Meet the Terpenes!

    A lot of folks have been asking or are just getting to know about terpenes. Here is a great chart to get you started. https://jameskennedymonash.wo...
  • New strain available, AC/DC
  • 420TWEEDLE and TWEEDLE420

    Ok fine, you wanted 4/20? You get 4/20. So all weekend long you get 420TWEEDLE for 50% off ALL prerolls. No reseller license required. On 4/20 actu...
  • Transplanting done!

    Transplanting done! Proud mothers in the back.#SuzyQ #OC4 #lifter #pineberry #tweedlefarms
  • Two new stains available now!

    Tweedle Farms Release Announce - We are excited to release a couple of classic strains available immediately. Our friends at Heaven and Earth F...