History of Medical Cannabis Uses: Infographic



Cannabis has been used for millenia all around the world. This nicely done infographic from visual.ly sets some of the important historically recorded moments on a timeline to help us comprehend just how long it’s been a popular medicine.




  • thank you for your product , I hope it works!

    Toby J Lambert
  • I suffer from neuropathy , diabetes , high blood pressure , and heart disease. I hate taking pills and insulin , but , I combine diet and concentrated physical exercise and outdoor labor to keep my endurance and mobility at a higher level. At age 64 , I’m living proof , you can lead an active life despite my open heart surgery in 2007 , multiple ruptured achilles tendon’s , diabetes , etc; neuropathy is particularly painful , I’m looking at your product for relief from pain and a possible reduction in medications. I know your product works wonders on children who suffer seizures , I have been told it will relieve the painful burning in my legs and feet. It will probably lower my blood sugar as well , thank you for your product , I hope it works!

    Toby J Lambert
  • Very helpful !! Happy to see that globally societies are finally being open to investigating the potentially long hidden benefits of this plant for both medicinal and recreational applications. Grateful to be alive to witness this monumental shift in consciousness. As Bob Dylan sang in his song many years ago.. “The times they are a-changin” !!

    B.L. Ackley, DC

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