Tweedle Farms Featured on Leafly!

This last Friday, we were lucky enough to be featured, alongside Oregon CBD, in an article about hemp flower on Leafly! It includes an interview with yours truly, as well as one of our owners, James, and of course, Seth Crawford from Oregon CBD. Check it out here.

It was written by the illustrious David Bienenstock, who is best known for his many articles on Leafly, Vice, and in the pages of High Times, as well as his work as a producer of the show Bong Appetit from Vice Media. 

Hope you enjoy!


  • Been on ever sleeping know to man but used Electra Anne schleper like a baby did not want to wake up because I was sleeping so good after all of the man-made chemicals put in my body this simple little plant I have so much to offer put me to sleep and I had a great restful sleep

    Robert Mitchum
  • That’s freaking awesome guys 😍
    Leafly is my go to source for my green info. That’s So great!!

    kimberly miller

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