Two new stains available now!

Tweedle Farms Release Announce -
We are excited to release a couple of classic strains available immediately. Our friends at Heaven and Earth Farm down at the Oregon/California border (see Mt. Shasta in the background) have been growing hemp for the processor market. But when we went down there on a hunt for flowers to keep y'all tided over till our next harvest and saw what they had we knew we had to get some and share with you folks!
Both of these classic Colorado/Oregon hemp strains contain the terpene Farnesene which is known for its green apple aroma but are also amazing in their own rights. The OTTO II has ZERO D9-THC and the Special Sauce has 17.3% CBDa!!!
Come get these incredible medium sized flowers while we have them!
Special Sauce -

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  • Worth the wait on first order, need a higher CBD strain for bedtime, ur reconmendation please…

    Ray Lackey

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