Your wait is over, Suzy Q is officially back on the menu!

Your wait is over, Suzy Q is officially back on the menu!
What a week so far. We lost Stephen Hawking yesterday. As I write this today is Pi day 3.14 and lastly, the science wizards at the testing labs have sent us our results on the next batches of Suzy Q and OTTO x Cherry! We will be re-releasing both (along with a new item in limited batch) on the website as of today.

We are happy to see that they have passed nicely with ZERO detectable pesticides across the board! It's also nice to see how a batch can cure over time with some cannabinoid migration and MASSIVE terpene expansion in both depth and breadth.

Finally, we wanted to let you all know about a special treat of a very small batch of our OC that we grew in the greenhouse. Quantity is VERY limited but it is clocking in at 17.5% CBD-a AND 1.42% decarbded CBD!!! And the smell is out of this world!

We are limiting both the Suzy Q and OC greenhouse to small amounts up to an ounce to give more people a chance to try it but OTTO x Cherry will still be available in larger amounts.

Thanks for your support and your patience. We love what we do and are stoked if you do too!

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