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  • Back by popular demand!

    Back by popular demand! Home cooks, novice apothecaries and pre-roll enthusiasts have spoken, we listened!   We have taken our OTTO x Cherry - tr...
  • Ok, maybe smoke... Flash Sale!

    Friday the 13th Flash Sale!  13% off all items now through the weekend.  Use code FRIDAY13 and keep calm!
  • New babies

    “I believe the children are our future...” #thegreatestlove #tweedlefarms
  • Has anyone ever told you "you need Therapy!?!?!"

    THERAPY... WTF just happened?!?!? we just got the results back and it's posting up TEN DIFFERENT TERPENES!!!   the store is open, priced just ...
  • Our farming practices...

    Many folks have asked about our farming practices. This is what is going on between each row of ladies. #agronomy
  • Hoppy Easter!

    Hoppy Easter Update!   Suzy Q High CBD pre-rolls are in stock now too and 25% off this weekend!       1pack / $8ea - 25% = $6.00ea     3pac...
  • OCGH SOLD OUT, OCGH pre-rolls in stock! Last 5lb of Suzy Q up next

    Hi Everybody,  Just a quick heads up...  Our OTTOxCherry Greenhouse has sold out (as I write this we are down to 2 grams).  The 1gram pre-rolls hav...
  • New packaging standard


    We took our smalls/littles/pebbles from the OCGH and made 1gr pre-rolls. The first 100 just came out of the machine and we are stoked to be able to...
  • Customer + Suzy Q + oil press = wow!

    Customer making legal CBD dab, oil pressing, flower from Tweedlefarms.com
  • New Federal Legislation Supports Industrial Hemp

    New Federal Legislation Supports Industrial Hemp…/201…/BILLS-115SAHR1625-RCP115-66.pdf As you may have read, Congress has ag...
  • Another review from

    Another review from, this time on our limited run OC greenhouse. Enjoy!