Cascade - Outdoor
Cascade - Outdoor
Cascade - Outdoor
Cascade - Outdoor
Cascade - Outdoor

Cascade - Outdoor

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Bred by Industrial Seed Innovations, and grown by Tweedle Farms!

As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. 

This is the first Indica-dominant strain from this year's crop, so we've been eagerly awaiting it's release. The cannabinoid content isn't the highest we've ever seen, 12.4% CBDa and LOQ Δ9 THC, but the smell is far different from the average hemp flower, so this strain is still a standout!

The terpene concentration on Cascade is truly incredible. The average hemp flower has around 2-3mg of terpenes per gram, whereas Cascade contains nearly 12mg! This includes 4.5mg of β-Mycene, 1.79mg of β-Caryophyllene, and 1.31mg of a-Pinene.

The majority of nugs have an average density (thick, but not rock-hard) and range in size from about a nickel to multiple quarters sitting side-by-side. Initially, the aroma is somewhat subtle, evoking spicy clove and savory citrus rind, but when they're cracked open, a wave of pungent gas, sharp pine, and crisp orange combine together to form a potent bouquet.

Cascade is the result of an open-pollination between some of the world's most well-loved high-CBD strains: Ringo's Gift, Harle Tsu, Canna Tsu, and Sour Tsu. A mass selection was performed on the field to find the phenotypes that exhibited cohesion, stability, grey mold resistance, and high yield.

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