Integrity Hemp

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Integrity Hemp

Based in the Willamette Valley, Integrity Hemp is a family-owned farm that produces high-quality hemp using sustainable growing methods.
Integrity Hemp

Integrity Hemp grows its plants on 16 acres using drip irrigation, which means small amounts of water are uniformly and precisely applied. The plants are then moved to a secure 20,000 sq ft facility with temperature and humidity controlled for ideal drying, curing, and storage.

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What People Are Saying About Integrity Hemp

We encourage you to read Tweedle Farms’ reviews before making a purchase and leave a review afterward so we know how we’re doing! We’re currently sold out of Integrity Hemp products, but here’s what people said about Integrity Hemp Sour Space Candy Shake.
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Integrity Hemp Legal Compliance

Tweedle Farms’ products are both legal and legit. Those are two different things! Tweedle Farms is legal because we follow the law, and Tweedle Farms is legit because we earn peoples’ trust.

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Tweedle Farms Quality Guarantee

Every product that Tweedle Farms sells is sourced from hemp flower grown without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.