CBD Shake

What is CBD shake?

“Shake” is the name for the small buds, leaves, kief, and plant matter at the bottom of your bag of CBD. It’s great for infusing into fats like your coconut oil or butter so you can incorporate CBD into your meals and snacks. In addition to the shake found on this page, we also carry a wide variety of full-size Hemp Flower as well as Small Buds.

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Can I smoke CBD shake?

Although Tweedle Farms suggests using CBD shake to infuse your cooking, a lot of people like to smoke shake as well. Because it’s already ground up and drier than regular buds, our shake is easy to roll up and burn down. If you intend to smoke your shake, make sure to order some rolling papers

What other CBD products does Tweedle Farm sell?

Our hemp comes in several forms: flowers, small buds and joints. And if smoking isn’t your style, try our CBD oil or edibles. We carry gummies, capsules, and sublingual mints. Edibles are also an excellent alternative for someone who doesn’t like the flavor of CBD oil. No matter what form you choose, you’ll get the same high quality that you’ve come to associate with Tweedle Farms.

Is your hemp grown without chemicals?

As with all of our products, the hemp we use is grown without any sort of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. Since hemp is a bioaccumulator, it absorbs chemicals in the soil. As a result, a clean source means that when you smoke our joints or consume any of our other products you’ll only be getting all of the benefit without any added toxins.