About Us

Established in 2015, Tweedle Farms is Northwest Oregon's premiere, family owned hemp farm, specializing in farm-to-table, terpene rich, high CBD hemp flower, topicals, edibles and concentrates.  Our core values are growing, producing and delivering the best products we can, at fair prices, with unmatched customer service.  We love what we do and we think you will too!


Meet the team

Jason - Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Jason draws from a number of life and work experiences that he brings to bear on his current company.  He comes from a farming background in Southern California, having grown up on a 1,000-acre family farm producing row crops such as lima beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery and lettuce.  He draws from this large-scale agronomy experience and applies it to his 100-acre property in Oregon.  Jason’s undergraduate degree in Finance brought him to San Francisco where he worked for 20 years gaining experience in institutional fixed income trading, underwriting and sales working for such companies as Bank of America Securities, Royal Bank of Canada and Southwest Securities.  He has also owned several brick and mortar retail franchise stores (Rocket Fizz) where he learned such valuable skills as inventory management, staffing and HR management and delighting customers through strategic product placement and unmatched customer service.

Jason now splits his time between running the farm in Jewell, Oregon, managing the retail website and the company’s packaging, shipping and customer service facility in Portland, Oregon.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Jason at jason@tweedlefarms.com or book time with him at https://calendly.com/tweedlefarms/30min



James - Co-Founder, Co-Owner

James was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and is a 5th generation Oregonian. He gained a passion for plants while gardening with his grandmother who had a botany degree from Oregon State University.  He and his wife have a small piece of land where they raise chickens, have planted a small fruit orchard and built a large vegetable garden with which they grow most of their own food.  He began growing medical cannabis in his early 20’s, which led to the desire to start growing hemp in 2015. Shortly after, he met Jason Evans and Tweedle Farms was born. 

James also runs Peacock Produce, a quality microgreens facility 365 days a year  with his wife - https://peacockproduce.org/

Contact James at james@tweedlefarms.com



Andrew - COO

Andrew is able to chart his fascination with cannabis back to the early age of 10, due to its cultural association with reggae, a genre of music he has loved for decades.  As time went on, Andrew became more involved with the trade of cannabis, eventually landing in the countercultural enclave of Santa Cruz, CA. There, he spent many years working closely with the plant and falling deeper in love with the community that it supported. His days were spent farming, processing, marketing, buying, and selling cannabis for the medical market; while he spent his nights in clubs and at music festivals, helping to cultivate the culture of the regional music community that was and is adjacent, and often intertwined, with that of cannabis.  In 2017, Andrew spearheaded a Santa Cruz-based dispensary's transition from medical marijuana to adult-use cannabis, thereby solidifying his position in the office rather than the field. Which brings us to 2018, the year that Andrew, his wife, and his son moved to Portland, OR and the year that Andrew joined the Tweedle Farms team. At Tweedle Farms, he takes great pride in the wide breadth of tasks that find their way to his desk. From product development and purchasing, to graphic design, marketing, and content creation. He feels blessed to continue his close relationship with the cannabis plant; especially with such an amazing team by his side!

Contact Andrew at andrew@tweedlefarms.com




Jordan is our Customer Service Manager and Human Resources Manager

Contact Jordan at jordan@tweedlefarms.com