Small Buds

What are small buds?

Small buds, also known as "popcorn buds," are created in two ways. They are a by-product of trimming and packaging full-size flowers since we often have to break them down a bit. They're also grown directly on the cannabis plant. Often, they’re found closest to the soil or the stem, where they don’t get as much sunlight and, as a result, grow up to be not as big or aromatic as the buds above. But small buds still contain a plethora of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Many people also enjoy using full Hemp Flower or CBD Shake.

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How else can I smoke CBD from Tweedle Farms? 

If you’re not sure about what kind of CBD to get, try our pre-rolled joints to get a taste of what our hemp flowers are like. 

Do you carry grinders and rolling papers so I can roll my own joints?

We carry both zinc grinders and rolling papers. And if you like our logo, we also have other merch including clothing, stickers, and koozies. 

Does Tweedle Farms carry other CBD products?

Our hemp comes in several forms: flowers, small buds and joints. And if smoking isn’t your style, try our CBD oil or edibles. We carry gummies, capsules, and sublingual mints. Edibles are also an excellent alternative for someone who doesn’t like the flavor of CBD oil. No matter what form you choose, you’ll get the same high quality that you’ve come to associate with Tweedle Farms.

Are Tweedle Farms’ small buds grown without pesticides?

Small buds are a great low-cost CBD alternative. And like all our products, our small buds are grown without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. That way all you get is the CBD you want without any potentially harmful additives.