Why Tweedle Farms?

·        Fun!

We truly believe that cannabis is an incredible medicine with the capacity to heal people and our world - but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten how fun it is to hang out in a field full of ripe buds! We’re a fun loving group of people that appreciates the lighter side of the hemp CBD industry as well as the scientific side, and we feel that this duality is one of the things that makes us special. If that sounds like something you can jive with, let us know!

·        Sitewide Discounts and Exclusive Rewards

The headline says it all. As a Tweedle Farms Ambassador, you’ll be treated to discounts on all products, as well as a special set of Rewards available only to you!

·        Personalized Coupon Code

This may actually be the most important part. You’ll get your very own coupon code that you can use to promote your favorite CBD brand!

·        Monthly Giveaways for our Top Ambassadors

That’s right! Our top ambassadors will get access to pre-release flowers, experimental infusions and more - all for free.

When you work with Tweedle Farms, you can feel proud knowing that you are helping to spread the word about one of the most easily-recognized and well-respected brands in the hemp CBD industry!

How to Signup!

·        Create a Customer Account. If you already have one, you’re halfway done!

·        Reach out to our Customer Service Team at

·        We will get your account coded as an Ambassador