Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, no, we do not. 

  • Is your product organic?

While the flowers that we sell are not certified organic, we can assure you that we, nor any farms we buy from, never use any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

  • Can I pass a drug test after using your product?

Tweedle Farms makes NO guarantees that any person will be able to pass a drug test after using our products. Many do, but some definitely do not. There has been very little research on the subject, so we are unable to offer any insight regarding what amounts may cause a hot test. 

  • Do you have a military discount?

Yes! Please send an email to info@tweedlefarms.com for more details.

  • How can I/should I use this product?

Honestly, any way you'd like. The only thing we do NOT recommend is eating a raw nug. That isn't fun for anyone. But you can smoke it, vape it, infuse it into an oil, extract it etc.

  • When will you restock your flower?

We do our best to restock as much as we can everyday. If you're curious about something in particular, please email us at info@tweedlefarms.com.

  • Can I get two 1/2 ounces for the price of one ounce?

Unfortunately, no. However, we're more than happy to share a discount code with you! Just shoot us an email.

  • Has my order shipped?

We need two full business days to process your order, so if it has been less than that, it's entirely possible that we need more time to finish it up.

  • Why is my order taking so long?

Currently, we are out of the office on weekends. This is something that we are working on. Since we need two full business days to fulfill your order, those placed late on Thursday or anytime on Friday will typically take a bit longer.

  • What are your acceptable forms of payment?
We currently accept MasterCard through our normal credit card payment portal. We also accept Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard via a service called ViaBill. If you would like to use it, simply select ViaBill as your payment method. 
    • I just used ViaBill to pay for my order. How do I pay off my order in full?

    Once you receive your login info for MyViaBill (which should arrive once your order has shipped), you can navigate to the "Profile" section and click on "Preferred Settlement." From there, you can enter either a partial payment or the full outstanding balance. When you confirm, they will directly charge your card/account on file for the amount specified and clear your balance.

    • I used ViaBill to pay for my order, and then I paid off my order in full, but it appears that I was charged a 25% fee. How is that possible?

    Don't worry, you were NOT charged a 25% fee! When you place an order with ViaBill, 25% of the purchase price is taken out of your account right away. If you pay off your order in full, the 25% hold will be taken off of your account on the next business day. If you place your order over the weekend, it will be taken off when the banks open on Monday.   

    • I haven't received a tracking number!

    Lately, a lot of our emails seem to be going into peoples' spam and promotions folders. Did you check there? If you still don't see it, feel free to reach out!

    • I paid for 2-day shipping, but it's been two days and it hasn't arrived!

    Keep in mind, we need two full business days to process your order. Once that has happened, it will hopefully arrive within two additional business. The USPS has been known to regularly stretch this to 3 business days.

    • I paid extra for First Class Shipping, and it's already been 2 days! Where's my package?

    First Class Shipping takes 3-5 business days! Also, it is the same as Standard Shipping, aka Free Shipping. Don't pay more for shipping if you don't have to! We're required to list them as different options, even though they're all the same.

    • It says my order has been delivered, but I don't see it!
    Oh no! We hate to hear this. The USPS tracking system will often list a package as "delivered" for multiple days before it actually arrives, so you should probably give it another day or two. If you still don't see it, please reach out to your local post office, as they'll give a customer far more info than they'll give us. Then stay in touch, and let us know what happens! We're happy to help how we can.