Tweedle Farms CBD Review Tweedle Farms CBD Review

Tweedle Farms CBD Review

Dec 8th 2020

Tweedle Farms CBD Review

Tweedle Farms features customer reviews on the page of every one of our products. 

You can also read reviews of Tweedle Farms on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, and Reddit. The reviews on Reddit are particularly noteworthy because users get as detailed as we do when it comes to describing the pungency and odor of our hemp flower.

That makes sense because, like those Reddit users, we love CBD!

What are Common Traits of Tweedle Farms CBD Reviews?

Painstakingly describing the pungency and odor of hemp flower is about more than just letting you know how your hemp flower smells--it tells you how good and what kind of hemp flower you're buying. 


The scent of hemp flower is caused by terpenes, organic compounds that serve the purpose of repelling predators and attracting pollinators (like people!). Terpenes in different combinations create unique aromas ranging from citrus to chocolate, which also clues you into the strain of hemp flower you’re getting.


You can actually see terpenes (and cannabinoids) on hemp flowers. They’re found within hardened structures of resin that protrude from the skin of hemp flowers called trichomes. 


The more trichomes and the more densely packed they are the better the hemp flower. That’s why Tweedle Farms and reviewers provide high quality photos of their hemp flowers. Those photos are another way of identifying the strain of hemp flower too.

If you read a review of a hemp flower that says it smells moldy or musty, stay away! That means the hemp flower has been processed and stored incorrectly (if at all). 

Similarly, fewer trichomes could mean that the hemp flower could have been grown using pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers, which are bad for hemp and for you. 

Fewer trichomes could also mean that some of them were harvested by the manufacturer to make other CBD products, so you won’t be getting the best hemp flowers.

How Do I Try Tweedle Farms CBD?

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How Do I Leave a Review?

Once you’ve tried our products, you can write a review of your own! And if you really liked our products, refer a friend using the unique referral code you get when you sign up for Tweedle Rewards.

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The reviews you write could mean as much as the reviews you read! So, be inspired and make a difference.