CBG, the BIG MAMMA of cannabinoids! CBG, the BIG MAMMA of cannabinoids!

CBG, the BIG MAMMA of cannabinoids!

Posted by Ashley Gruver on Jan 7th 2020

In the next few weeks, Tweedle Farms will be introducing a line of CBG-rich hemp oil tinctures, and in the fall, we'll have CBG-rich flower! So, we thought it was a perfect time to talk about this intriguing, and little-known cannabinoid.

Are you ready for some cannabis science 101?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, seems to be the new kid on the block in terms of interest for consumers and cannabis scientists alike. So what is the excitement all about? Why is the hemp industry, in particular, putting this cannabinoid in the spotlight lately? Well, to put it bluntly (no pun intended), CBG is the parent to the popular “cool kids” of cannabis: THC and CBD.

Basically, before THC and CBD are produced in the cannabis plant, CBG is present and ready to be broken down by enzymes to convert the CBG into THC or CBD. Therefore, CBG -- a non-psychoactive cannabinoid -- is the precursor to THC and CBD. Since CBG turns into THC, the more CBG found in the plant the less THC, and vice versa. This is important for CBD and non-psychoactive cannabis connoisseurs because if a plant is tested with high CBG, it is likely to be less psychoactive, low in THC, and high in CBD. Hence all the hubbub from the hemp hounds!

Because CBG is really the mother of all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, studying it is essential to understand the genetic engineering of cannabis and also its effect on the human body and psyche. In its isolated form, CBG inhibits GABA uptake, a process that has been shown to alleviate a number of ailments for which people commonly use CBD products.

I am surely no chemist, so please refer to the article recently posted on  Leafly for a more thorough explanation of how the “new kid on the block” is really the mother of all the kids on the cannabinoid block! There is also a great list of potential benefits of CBG included in this article, which upon a good gander can support the concept that CBG just might be the literal motherload behind many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

So let’s take a MOM-ent, to thank CannaBIGerol, the BIG MAMMA of cannabinoids!

UPDATE (1/1/20): Would you like to try it out? Look no further than our store! We have CBG flowerCBG tinctures, and lots more CBG products waiting in the wings!

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