Does Tweedle Farms Get You High? Does Tweedle Farms Get You High?

Does Tweedle Farms Get You High?

Dec 7th 2020

The short answer is, “No.” 

The long answer is really interesting, teaches you a lot about hemp flowers, and has a “Yes,” with a caveat. 

What is the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp Flower?

To begin with, we have to identify the main difference between hemp flower and marijuana. Both plants look the same and smell the same because they’re both from the same species: cannabis Sativa. 

They can also be consumed in the same way:

  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Eating
  • Topically
  • Rectally (as a suppository)

With so much in common, one might wonder where the difference between hemp flower and marijuana exists. To discover that, we have to descend to genetics and study both plants’ epigenetics (meaning how the genes are expressed). 

The determining factor is the ratio of THC to CBD. 

How Much THC is in Hemp?

For hemp to be hemp, the cannabis plant has to have under .3% THC by dried weight. That number is so crucial that it’s even been written into law (the 2018 Farm Bill). Any more THC than .3% by dried weight, and it’s no longer hemp. 

For this reason, if you’re buying hemp, the item you’re purchasing has to be marked as hemp, or else you could be breaking local state laws.

Will I Pass a Drug Test?

Despite .3% THC not being enough to get you high and being low enough to pass many drug tests, Tweedle Farms can’t guarantee that you will pass a drug test because you just might not. 

It happens! 

That’s even the case with our CBD oils and concentrates, despite them being third-party tested by an unaffiliated, state-accredited lab using industry-approved methods to verify cannabinoid content and the absence of harmful chemicals. 

You still might not pass!

As for that, “Yes,” with a caveat: if you smoked hemp flower after hemp flower after hemp flower. 

But we strongly advise against that!