Featured Reviewer: Jay's Place Featured Reviewer: Jay's Place

Featured Reviewer: Jay's Place

Posted by Ashley Gruver on Apr 12th 2019

One of the greatest joys I’ve had working in the cannabis industry for over 10 years has been bridging the gap between the cultivators of cannabis and the veterans who use it. Walking through the cannabis fields with my feet in the soft dirt, feeling the warm breeze flow through my hair, listening to the birds chirp, the sun glistening through the trees like sparkles sent down from the sky, the rich wet rich soil and delicious terps in my olfactory senses are all truly a luxury I can afford because I am kept safe by those who serve our country. I am chilled at the thought of how my experience differs greatly from the experience of a large percentage of cannabis connoisseurs who fight through Hell and brimstone, risking their lives for us, that we may live at peace in our gardens, close to our families.

Another great joy I have since jumping on board at Tweedle Farms last year, is perusing the YouTube reviews of our products. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry, some have made me straight up angry, some have made me straight up proud… ya know, the gamut of emotions that come along with anyone judging something deeply personal that is so lovingly and meticulously created. I invite all of it, but what makes me smile big and know I’m in the right place in my life, is how it’s 100% accurate to say that cannabis helps bring people together.

I made one of these cannabis connections when I came across a vlog on YouTube called Jay’s Place. The host, Jay Thompson Jr.,is a man who wears many hats. Jay, an Iraq war veteran, is a truck driver, has served in the army national guard, is a rapper and poet, father, husband, and CBD connoisseur turned YouTube influencer who lives north of Little Rock, Arkansas. Oh yeah… and let’s not forget, he’s an Aquarius!

We are grateful to have him as one of our staff favorite reviewers of our products. With the guest appearance and support of his beautiful wife Nicole, who also has her own YouTube channel and clothing line (links below), you are guaranteed an honest and humble review with a belly full of good laughs. Watching these videos makes you really feel like you’re right there in the room, well, like… you’re at Jay’s Place.

I asked Jay if he would answer some questions for us, and thought it was pretty cool when he chose to have his wife interview him with our questions. He then answers them on film while smoking one of our pre-rolls, all while wearing a Tweedle Farms shirt!

And a sidenote for our veterans: if you call Tweedle Farms and set up a veteran account, you get 25% off all our products. If life were fair, veterans would have CBD coming out their ears, but hey 25% is a good start.

One of my favorite Jay quotes is: “Hey, as always, be easy… and if you can’t be easy just be easy at it. Life is too short to be out here mad. Get you some happy in your life!” I can’t help but think that we work in the industry of bringing some of that happy to people like Jay.

Without Further Ado, press play on this interview to magically transport yourself to Jay’s Place in Arkansas, then follow his social media links to support!


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Here's another photo of Jay and also of his wife Nicole!