Featured Reviewer: Ten Percent Media Featured Reviewer: Ten Percent Media

Featured Reviewer: Ten Percent Media

Posted by Ashley Gruver on Mar 7th 2021

Walking into work one day, I saw my coworkers excitedly huddled around (at that time) our one computer, laughing and completely uninterested in my arrival. "They must be slacking off, watching cat videos again" I thought. But as I got closer, I realized they were enthralled in company work, watching a new Youtube review of one of our strains by Mike Salvato, who shoots, edits, acts in, writes, and does some super snarky and dream like reviews of CBD. This meticulously curated and technically gorgeous video had us laughing, maybe crying even (I might have shed one single tear cuz it was that good, making me feel like what I do as a Tweedle employee matters to the world -- and NO I DID NOT IMMEDIATELY SEND IT TO MY PARENTS -- ok yes I did -- who enjoyed it almost as much as myself).

Check out the video here:

Well it felt good to see someone across the nation take the time to not just review our product, but use his art to express his experience with it. Mike's dreamlike interpretational video was preceded by a cheeky one on one with the camera/audience review of the strain Special Sauce, complete with a montage of visual landscapes of his mind/body experience, which ended up in a sarcastic rating of 1/10, as in, duh it made his day.

Peep his first review of Tweedle Farms here:

We decided it would be pretty cool to reach out and discuss possible future collaborations, because wow this guy is good, and before he becomes the next big director we better interview him first. So check out the new video after the interview! We think it absolutely rules.

Hi Mike! Ok the basics first: Where are you from? Where do you live? Anything else you want us to know about yourself?

Hey Ashley! I'm from Kissimmee, Florida! I'm a college student at UCF. I'm 20 years old and I run a production team with my friend Pedro Vargas called Ten Percent Media!

What is it about filmmaking you love and what inspired you to do reviews on YouTube?

So my friends and I made a few short films together in high school, and this really made me happy. I love all forms of art whether it be visual or auditory due to the expressive element, and just the concept of creating something. Making short films with my friends are some of my best memories, and I can replay those memories whenever I want and have something to look back on.

What got you into CBD? Can you describe your first experience with it?

I have anxiety, so I looked into natural solutions to help alleviate some symptoms I have. I never expected something like Hemp to be able to be purchased legally, so I did my research and found out about your website Tweedle Farms, and heard it was very reputable. I decided to purchase an eighth and try it out to see how it helped. It relieved many symptoms for me and kept me productive so I found it to be a great investment. I recommended it to many others after, its a great alternative if it works for you!

We noticed you had some pretty groovy music in those videos. What music do you love to listen to when you smoke flower?

When I smoke flower it tends to be at night or when I'm ready to relax a little more. During those times I really like to listen to artists such as Mild High Club, Mac DeMarco, Toro Y Moi or Jerry Paper. Those are some of my favorites to listen to at those times!

Any other bloggers, directors, or cinematographers out there inspiring you right now or you think we should check out?

My favorite director is Wes Anderson without a doubt, his movies leave such a dreamlike state its like watching a storybook tale unfold. His style makes me feel like a kid.

What's one thing you haven't done you want to do.

I definitely would like to get something into a film fest and do well hopefully. My friends and I hopefully can accomplish this soon!

Tell us about your friends in the video. Are they filmmakers too, and do they have a relationship with CBD as well?

I've got a few of my friends are featured in the videos and I'm glad they could help, my friend Pedro Vargas(Who interviews me in the Elektra video and is also with me on the second video), and I have started a production team together called Ten Percent Media, since we share a similar vision on how we want to do things, and want to turn some of our dreams into reality. I've also managed to show some of my friends CBD and it has made their lives a lot easier to manage with today's fast pace living!

And now, without further ado, here's Ten Percent Media with their latest fusion of comic surrealism as they review Tweedle Farm's CBD strain, "Elektra."