Four States Consider Regulations for Delta-8-THC Four States Consider Regulations for Delta-8-THC

Four States Consider Regulations for Delta-8-THC

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Feb 12th 2021

Delta-8-THC, a slightly-less-intoxicating isomer of Delta-9-THC (the "active ingredient" in THC-Rich cannabis), has been getting a lot of press lately - both good and bad. Synthesized from CBD that has been extracted from legal hemp, many producers and retailers have been more than willing to exercise the "hemp-derived" loophole, but states are starting to take notice. 

Just last week, four states announced that they will be bringing proposed regulations on the sale of Delta-8-THC to their respective legislatures. Below, we've provided a brief description of each bill along with a link to the original wording, or in some cases, an article detailing the proposal.


Lawmakers are considering requiring Delta-8-THC to be tested, labeled, and sold within the OLCC regulated system, which is the same system that currently governs recreational cannabis. They're also considering restricting the sale of Delta-8-THC to those over the age of 21.  Read more here.

North Dakota

Recently, in a bill regarding the legalization of cannabis use, legislators attempted to redefine THC to include not only Delta-9-THC, but also Delta-8, Delta-6, Delta-4, and Delta-3-THC.  Read more here.


With HB1961, Oklahoma considered amending the definition of marijuana to any substance that contains a concentration of more than 0.3% THC, including Delta-8 & Delta-10-THC, on a dry weight basis. Read more here.


Lawmakers recently introduced a bill that sought to restrict the sale of Delta-8-THC to those who are over 21.  Read more here.

Currently, none of these bills have made it through the legislature, but it's clear that lawmakers are beginning to think about the true legality of Delta-8-THC.