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Great Moments in Weed History Podcast | Tweedle Farms

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Feb 26th 2021

Weed History Podcast

Tweedle Farms is a proud sponsor of the podcast Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean, which delves deep into humanity's 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant.

Including in their newest episode, which focuses on America’s ultimate weed villain—Harry J. Anslinger.

In 1937, in his role as the first-ever head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Anslinger pushed the Marijuana Tax Act through Congress, making federal prohibition the law of the land. He then began a fanatical campaign of Reefer Madness-inspired cannabis enforcement that created the modern War on Marijuana, leading to tens of millions of arrests and the total suppression of the medicinal and industrial benefits of cannabis and hemp.

If you, a friend, or a family member have ever been arrested for cannabis, Harry J. Anslinger deserves some of the blame.

So how can his story result in a Great Moment in Weed History?

“I don’t want to ruin the surprise,” says David Bienenstock, co-host of the podcast along with Abdullah Saeed. “But let’s just say that the only good thing we have to say about Harry is that he’s dead. And I paid a trip to his final resting place in rural Pennsylvania to make sure.”

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