How to Use My DynaVap M How to Use My DynaVap M

How to Use My DynaVap M

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Mar 14th 2022

How to Use My DynaVap M

So, you’ve taken the leap and joined the international community of Dynavap-lovers, huh? Well, great call. We love our battery-free vape from Dynavap and we’re sure you will too.

For us, there are two things that make the device so special:

  • No batteries required!
  • It’s super easy to use.

In case you have any questions, you can find a digital copy of the user guide included with your purchase below. We’re also going to go over some common FAQs, share a couple of our favorite how-to videos, and lay out the step-by-step instructions for using your Dynavap M.

How to Use My DynaVap M

  1. Remove the cap from the tip.
  2. Loud your material into the tip.
    • Both flower and concentrates work, but if you’re using concentrates, we recommend those with a thicker consistency (i.e. wax, not terp sauce or distillate).
  3. Place the cap back on the tip.
  4. Choose your heating device.
    • We recommend the triple-flame torch included in your welcome kit.
  5. Hold Dynavap M so that the cap is at an angle, just above the flame.
  6. Twist it! Keep twisting until you hear the “CLICK.”
    • The click means that it has reached the ideal temperature.
  7. Inhale. Don’t forget to cover the chiral airport (aka carb).
  8. Once you hear another “CLICK,” your cap has cooled below ideal vaping temperature. It can now be reheated or set down.

Would you like to see these instructions in video form? Click here.

How to Wash a Dynavap

It’s time to wash your Dynavap M. But how?

Well, the M is dishwasher-safe! If you don’t want to use your dishwasher, you can disassemble the M and drop the components into warm water and let it soak. If you’d like to use a cleaning solution, that’s fine too. The M is made of stainless steel, so as long as you’re not using alcohol or another flammable substance, you’re good to go!

Once again, DO NOT use alcohol or any flammable substance.

How to Use the Adjust-a-Bowl Feature

  1. Disassemble your device
  2. Using the “digger-outer” part of the cap, poke the condenser out of your device.
  3. Cover the front of the tip/bowl
  4. Insert the condenser into the bottom of the tip
  5. Gently push condenser.
  6. The metal screen will then click up into the higher position, thereby decreasing the size of your bowl.

Would you like to adjust it back to the lower position? Just repeat these steps, except this time, push the condenser down through the top of the tip.

Totally unsure as to what we're talking about? Watch this video from Dynavap.

Ok, that’s it! Your starter kit contains a 2020 M, a triple flame torch, and a pretty wooden carrying case, so you should be good to go… oh, that’s right! Do you need a grinder and some flower?

DynaVap M layout