Now Introducing 100% Plant-Based Packaging! Now Introducing 100% Plant-Based Packaging!

Now Introducing 100% Plant-Based Packaging!

Posted by Anjika Grinager on Jun 5th 2019

At Tweedle Farms, we are pretty keen on Mother Earth. After all, she brought cannabis to the table, and for that, our gratitude knows no bounds. As such, dedication to protecting the planet is at the forefront of our business model.

At a time when the threat of environmental catastrophe looms large in our minds, we feel that it is extremely important to look for ways to be more sustainable– from organic food in the break room to carpooling, we strive to reduce our “footprint.” One way we can do this is by reducing the impact of our packaging.

Although it is necessary for the retail sale of any product, most packaging is made from non-renewable, environmentally-damaging petroleum sources. These can take up to hundreds of thousands of years to decompose. We knew there had to be a better solution, and we’re excited to announce that we found it!

This week, we begin the transition to using only biodegradable packaging for our flower. Everything from grams to ounces will now come to you in 100% plant-based packaging, all designed by our good friend Hector Diaz! Every component, including the zip lock, can be broken down with exposure to the environment. Don't worry about durability though! The Kraft paper bags are coated with PLA (a type of plastic made with fermented plant starch), which mimics the Mylar that we have been using.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our new sustainable packaging, and we look forward to helping our green industry get a little bit greener!