Sublingual Administration of CBD - Why is it important? Sublingual Administration of CBD - Why is it important?

Sublingual Administration of CBD - Why is it important?

Jul 1st 2020

Sublingual Administration of CBD

People often ask us about the difference between holding an edible or an oil under the tongue vs. swallowing it. Obviously, it's difficult to hold a gummy under your tongue, but in the case of an oil or a tablet, it's quite easy and it's much more effective. The latter method of ingestion is called Sublingual Administration and we'd like to take some time to tell about why it's important.

First, a definition! According to a great article from Leafly, Sublingual Administration is defined as "holding the active substance under the tongue for a certain amount of time, usually until the tablet or strip dissolves." 

This delivery method is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry because of it's simplicity and effectiveness. The reason it's so effective is because the membrane under the tongue, as well as on the inside of the cheeks, can absorb substances and deliver them directly to the bloodstream, which is why sublingual delivery is so fast-acting!

Additionally, because the active ingredients don't have to be digested by stomach acids, more of them actually make it into our bloodstream. In fact, this is what is meant by "higher bioavailability."

We hope this info helps! If you'd like to read more, we encourage you to check out the Leafly article referenced above, but keep in mind that it's specifically speaking about THC products. As such, some of the info doesn't exactly apply to our industry.

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