Terpenes 101: Myrcene Terpenes 101: Myrcene

Terpenes 101: Myrcene

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Jul 22nd 2022

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That delicious aroma wafting out of your freshly ground flower? You can thank terpenes for that.

Terpenes are aromatic molecules found in plant resins and are the compounds responsible for the trademark aromas of not only your favorite cannabis strains, but also your favorite plants, and essential oils.

Terpenes are also responsible, in many ways, for the effects of aromatherapy and are at least partially responsible for the medicinal properties of plants and natural medicine. As you’ll see in the chart at the bottom of the page, each terpene holds its own beneficial properties.

As if that weren’t enough, terpenes also play a large role in determining the effects of cannabis! Without terpenes, cannabinoids like CBD and THC would have relatively muted effects, but when they’re combined with these miraculous aromatic compounds - that’s when the magic happens; and more pointedly, it’s when the true difference between strains considered “indica” or “sativa” can be felt.

What is Myrcene (aka beta myrcene, b-myrcene, or β-myrcene)?
Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis. According to a study of available terpene results, it was found to represent over 20% of the average terpene profile in modern cannabis strains.

Although we cannot point to a robust study to prove this fact, we can say anecdotally that myrcene seems to be even more common in the hemp industry, as it is found in significant concentrations in nearly every strain we see.

What Does Myrcene Smell Like?
Also found in mangos, hops, thyme, and lemongrass, myrcene is known for its fruity, earthy, and somewhat clove-y, spicy flavor that increases in pungency as its concentration goes up.

If you’ve ever found a strain to smell of pungent, over-ripe mango, you’ve likely inhaled a whole bunch of myrcene!

Strains High in Myrcene
As we stated above, Myrcene is a very common terpene, so it’s found in a lot of different cannabis strains. Some of our favorites are Remedy, 9 Pound Hammer, Cannatonic, and Forbidden V.

Myrcene Effects
Let’s get down to brass tax - what does myrcene do?

Green Leaf Labs, our principal testing laboratory, has a handy graphic that can be used to discern possible effects of different terpenes. Check it out here: