What's the Difference Between CBD Wax, Terpsolate, and CBD Isolate? What's the Difference Between CBD Wax, Terpsolate, and CBD Isolate?

What's the Difference Between CBD Wax, Terpsolate, and CBD Isolate?

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Jun 8th 2022

Gone are the days when our concentrate offering was composed entirely of CBD Wax. Don’t get us wrong, we love CBD Wax, but we felt it was important to offer our customers more variety as well as more value.

So, we’ve introduced not only Terpsolate, but the original high-CBD concentrate - CBD Isolate.

Now the question is, what the heck is the difference between CBD Wax, Terpsolate, and CBD Isolate??


This concentrate results from an infusion of strain-specfic, botanically-derived terpenes in a broad spectrum extract.

Each strain of CBD Wax contains a high concentration of CBD (typically 75+%), along with substantial concentrations of other minor cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and CBC. The latter three cannabinoids are seen in amounts from 2-10%, depending on the strain, so if you’re interested in diving a bit further into these cannabinoids, CBD wax could be a great way to start.

How to Use CBD Wax

Many people think that one needs special tools and/or smoking devices to correctly use wax, but that is not the case!

While it is simple (and for some, even preferable) to use a dab rig or a wax pen to vaporize your favorite concentrates, it isn’t necessary. Many people opt to crumble a hunk of wax in the same way they would a bud. Then, they’re able to put it on top of a bowl or sprinkle it throughout a joint. You can even put it in your battery-free vape!

And while you don’t need a tool to do the crumbling, we have those too, just in case.

Terpsolate, aka CBD Terpsolate

Terpsolate is created when pure CBD Isolate is infused with strain-specific, botanically-derived terpenes. Rather than being in a powder form, like isolate, it remains in its natural crystalline form.

Because it’s made with pure CBD Isolate, it contains nothing but terpenes and CBD, the latter of which appears in excess of 92%.

How to Use Terpsolate

Much like CBD Wax, Terpsolate can be used with or without special tools or smoking devices. Whether you’re crumbling it with a fingernail and sprinkling it into the tip of a joint or slicing it apart with a dab tool and dropping it into a rig - there’s no wrong way to use this potent concentrate.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the original CBD concentrate. The one that started it all! At over 99.9% CBD, this one is as potent as it gets.

What is CBD Isolate

It’s pure CBD, in powder form. That’s it. No terpenes, no minor cannabinoids. Just CBD in the form of white powder.

How to use CBD Isolate

Similar to CBD Wax and Terpsolate, CBD Isolate can be dropped into a dab rig, added to a joint or sprinkled onto a bowl. The only difference is that, because it’s in powder form, it’s difficult to use a finger, so a scooping tool is necessary (think, a key, a pen cap, etc).

CBD Wax, Terpsolate, and CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum

None of these concentrates contain THC. As a result, none of them are technically full spectrum.

That said, because of the presence of a wide variety of cannabinoids (at substantially higher concentrations than normal) and terpenes in our CBD Wax, the entourage effect is easily achieved.

Similarly, our CBD Terpsolate is packed with a wide range of terpenes, all of which will amplify the effect of the CBD.

Finally, that brings us to the CBD isolate. As we’ve said, CBD Isolate is pure CBD, nothing else. That means there is no chance of receiving the benefits of the entourage effect when using isolate on its own. Hence our suggestion that the isolate be added to a bowl, a joint, or mixed with other concentrates to increase the overall potency.

Have any other questions that we didn’t address here?

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