What Do Hemp Buds Smell Like? What Do Hemp Buds Smell Like?

What Do Hemp Buds Smell Like?

Jun 7th 2020

What Do Hemp Buds Smell Like

Good hemp flowers have a pungent odor that can resemble tropical fruits, citrus, hops, lavender, nutmeg, rosemary, and more. The smell is derived from terpenes, which are aromatic oils with both a strong smell and flavor. 

What Role Do Terpenes Play?

Terpenes' role in nature is to repel predators and attract pollinators, so it’s no surprise that the odor is attractive to people (and why people recommend using cinnamon, a terpene-rich seasoning, to keep certain bugs away). 

What Can Hemp Flowers’ Smell Reveal About Flavor?

CBD flowers’ aroma can also reveal details about the hemp flower’s flavor when smoked or vaped, which particular organic compounds the hemp flower may contain, and what strains the hemp flower was grown from. 

That’s why we put painstaking effort into accurately describing the scent of our hemp flower!

In the same way that aromatic, pungent odors indicate good quality hemp flowers, foul odors will reveal that the hemp flower has been processed and stored incorrectly (if at all). So, steer clear of CBD flowers that smell moldy or musty.

Do Trichomes Impact How a Hemp Flower Smells?

To get an even better idea of how the hemp flower smells, take a look at its trichomes, which are hardened resin structures containing both terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes stick out from the skin of the hemp flower and can be seen with the naked eye. 

The more trichomes you see, the better, particularly if they're densely packed.

If you don’t see many trichomes, that’s a sign that the hemp may have been poorly processed or that the manufacturer removed some of the trichomes to make other hemp-derived products. 

That’s why Tweedle Farms provides high-quality photos of our hemp flowers: so you can see the terpenes in the trichomes to get a better idea of just how pungent our CBD flower smells and how good our CBD flower is. 

Finally, one of the best ways to make sure you get a pungent, good smelling hemp flower with lots of trichomes is to buy it from Tweedle Farms!