What is a Pre-Roll Joint? What is a Pre-Roll Joint?

What is a Pre-Roll Joint?

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Apr 28th 2023

If you’re a consumer of cannabis, you’ve likely smoked a joint once or twice. There’s something special about the ritual of picking out a bud of CBD flower, grinding it up, and then rolling it into a perfectly-crafted vessel of smoking pleasure!

To be clear, we know your joints probably aren’t perfect. Neither are the ones we roll for ourselves. But it’s the special ritual of rolling, lighting, and smoking a joint that makes any joint, all joints, perfect.

Sometimes, of course, you would rather skip the rolling and get right to the best part of that ritual - the smoking!

That’s where a Pre Roll comes in.

What is a Pre Roll?

A pre roll is a joint that one purchases in its final form. It has already been rolled up for you, in this case by us at Tweedle Farms using our high-quality hemp flower, and it is ready to be smoked as soon as it arrives at your door.

Our pre rolls are made using organic hemp cones from a paper company called Raw. Each one comes with a crutch that is also made from organic hemp. A crutch, just in case you don’t know, is a thick piece of paper that sits at the end of the joint. It serves multiple purposes:

  1. It acts as a sort of handle for your pre roll
  2. It also acts a barrier between the CBD flower inside the body of the pre roll and your mouth

What are the Benefits of Smoking a Pre Roll?

Good question! What are the benefits of smoking a pre-roll joint, compared to say, a pipe, a vaporizer, or a bong?

Well, joints (and, in this case, pre-roll joints) burn in a special way that allows the flower to be burned and vaporized at the same time. At the front of the pre roll, the CBD flower is burning at a high temperature. At this temperature, a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes are being combusted and traveling into your body. Further down the body of the pre roll joint, the cannabinoids and terpenes are being vaporized by the smoke that, while still at a high temperature, is not as hot as the front of the joint. This lower-temperature vaporizes certain cannabinoids and terpenes that can be lost at higher temperatures due to having a lower boiling point, thereby helping to deliver a full spectrum of compounds to you, the consumer.

Plus, there is also the obvious benefit of ease and simplicity. The pre roll is truly an ideal vessel for on-the-go consumption, as we package ours in biodegradable plastic tubes, as well as in biodegradable hemp boxes, that allow one to carry the pre roll on any manner of adventures, light it up, put it out, and save the rest for later.

“But Tweedle Farms, aren’t your pre rolls rolled with trim?”

How are Pre Rolls made?

Why, we are so glad you asked!

Our pre rolls are never ever rolled with trim. We grind up buds of CBD flower for every run of pre roll joints we make, so as to ensure that our customers are able to truly enjoy the flower as though they rolled the joint themselves.

We also take great care in crafting each pre roll so that it burns correctly (no canoes here!) and does not get floppy at the crutch.

What Pre Rolls are available?

We currently offer a wide selection of strains in both single pre rolls as well as in 5-packs. You can check out our offering here.

Would you rather roll them up yourself? We've got everything you need, including rolling papers, blunt wraps made from hemp, grinders, and even rolling machines. Check them out here.

We've also got your CBD flower here.