What's the Difference between Full Sun, Greenhouse, and Indoor CBD Flower? What's the Difference between Full Sun, Greenhouse, and Indoor CBD Flower?

What's the Difference between Full Sun, Greenhouse, and Indoor CBD Flower?

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Nov 7th 2023

When it comes to cultivating CBD flower, the method used can significantly impact the final product.

At Tweedle Farms, we grow our hemp flower using three distinct growing methods: Full Sun (Sungrown), Greenhouse, and Indoor. Each method has its unique advantages, and we're here to shed light on the differences. That way, this article can function as a resource that you can come back to throughout the year!

Full Sun (Sungrown) Cultivation

Full Sun, also known as Sungrown, refers to CBD flower cultivated outdoors, basking in the elements and the sun's full glory. The abundance of natural light plays an essential role in this method, offering unique benefits.

Now, sungrown hemp flower may not always boast the highest total cannabinoid content, but it typically exhibits a wider array of cannabinoids and terpenes. This phenomenon can be attributed to the following factors:

- The Sun's Magic: Sunlight provides a broad spectrum of light, including UV rays, which is challenging to replicate with grow lights. As a result, sungrown hemp flower expresses a diverse range of compounds, due to the spectacularly varied spectrum of light provided by the sun.

- Natural Stressors: Outdoor plants, and the CBD flower they produce, face various environmental stressors, such as wind, rain, and even curious birds. Surprisingly, these stressors trigger increased resin production, leading to higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes are, in fact, the cannabis plant’s way of combating pests!

Sungrown flower is typically the most budget-friendly option since it requires minimal inputs.

Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation offers a unique blend of natural and controlled environments. Plants in our greenhouses enjoy the benefits of natural UV rays while also experiencing a stable environment. As the year progresses, however, the amount of human intervention required for success shifts…

- The Seasonal Shift: Greenhouse hemp plants thrive on natural sunlight during the summer months, just like their sungrown counterparts. However, during winter, supplemental grow lights and heat are needed to maintain growth and to produce the high-quality CBD flower you’ve come to expect from Tweedle Farms.

- Impressive Consistency: Despite the lack of environmental stressors in the greenhouse, which can lead to increased resin production in field-grown CBD flower, the consistent temperatures and lack of rain experienced by the plants in the greenhouse produces consistently stuffing results..

Additional Costs
The benefits of a controlled environment come with slightly higher costs compared to sungrown CBD flower.

Indoor Cultivation

Indoor cultivation involves nurturing plants under high-intensity LED grow lights within a tightly controlled environment. The high level of human intervention and meticulous attention to detail results in dependably impressive CBD hemp flower.

- Controlled Precision: The strictly regulated environment (which includes high-powered lights, specifically-tailored nutrients, and intensive temperature and humidity demands) ensures the highest quality CBD flower that is dense, frosty, and often quite breathtaking. However, it's worth noting that indoor-grown hemp flower comes at a premium, due to the high number of inputs required.

Elevated Costs
Producing indoor-grown CBD flower demands more inputs, such as power and nutrients, making it the costliest among the three options.

In your journey to explore the world of CBD flower, understanding the cultivation methods is crucial. Whether you favor the sun-kissed vibrancy of sungrown hemp flower, the balance of a greenhouse flower, or the precision of indoor cultivation, your choice should align with your preferences and priorities. Regardless of the method, Tweedle Farms is committed to delivering top-notch CBD flower that meets your expectations.