Flower Gift Box - Heavyweight

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Now Introducing... Weighing in at a $350 dollar value -- the largest yet to be found on our website in the history of Tweedle Farms…


This Heavyweight Champion is ounce for ounce the most celebrated (and cultivated) gift box offered with a savings of almost 50%!! For those who desire to gift themselves or their loved one with the finest of CBD products, we present to you the perfect box for the hemp connoisseur. 

This bountiful box has even the most seasoned pursuer of CBD wondering when they are ever going to get to the bottom. With 4 mystery ounces of our handpicked strains to choose from (that's a quarter of a pound!), the lucky recipient of the box gets to mix and match the strains together in the enclosed pack of Tweedle Farms rolling papers to have a self-curated CBD experience (preferably while sporting the included Tweedle Farms enamel pin all the while).

To recap, each box will include:

4oz Premium Hemp Flower! No smalls or shake.

1 pack of Tweedle Farms Rolling Papers

1 Tweedle Farms Enamel Pin

As always, all flower included was grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and each strain will be accompanied by all applicable test results.