Infused Gift Box - Heavyweight

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Now Introducing... Weighing in at a $200 dollar value, our Abundant Administer of sensory delectables...


This hulking Heavyweight is sure to tickle all the senses head to toe while pleasing your purse or pockets with a savings of 50%!! This box blows away all one's worries and cares with a comprehensive combination of Tweedle Farm's favorite infused products to take away even the chilliest of winter willies. Included is our CBD Muscle Rub to pamper stiff arms from shoveling snow, Transdermal CBD lotion to give that loved one their annual holiday foot massage, a 250 mg CBD tincture for your personal CBD needs, and a 250 mg of CBG tincture to contribute to your dreams of peace, joy, and happiness for yourself (and mankind). We would also like to include a hand selected 100 mg CBD Bath Bomb for Black Friday Bathtub Funsies (Tweedle Farms Enamel Pin included... but hopefully not in your bath). 

Don't miss this delightful opportunity to make even the jolliest of holidays that much jollier!

To recap, each box will include:

1 CBD Muscle Rub

1 Transdermal CBD Lotion

1 250mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

1 250mg CBG Rich Tincture

1 100mg CBD Bath Bomb 

1 Tweedle Farms Enamel Pin