Merlot - Greenhouse • 15.66% CBDa

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Maximum Purchase:
4 units
The product you're looking for has been discontinued. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of other strains to choose from! Find them here.
Where did all the high CBD strains go?
Well, in 2018, the USDA put new regulations in the Farm Bill that further defined hemp as an agricultural crop. One of the most important regulations was the change in definition of allowable total-THC (delta9-THC + THCa x.877) in hemp flower and hemp products to 0.3% (+/- MU) total-THC. Each state with a hemp program was to have a compliance plan submitted by October of 2020, but the pandemic forced the USDA to extend that deadline to 2021. In the meantime, the USDA's IFRs (interim final rules) were modified slightly to include longer pre-harvest testing windows, extension of DEA certified lab requirements to 2022 and destruction/remediation requirements for non-compliance. What did not change was the 0.3% (+/- MU) total-THC requirement.
The genetics available in the 2019 and 2020 growing seasons made it almost impossible to grow, dry, trim, and deliver compliant flower. It could be done, but only at great cost and effort to the grower. The marketplace was looking solely for the highest CBD numbers available as they were largely uneducated about the new requirements. Farms that complied (like us!) were at a serious disadvantage because there was no benefit to doing the right thing since there has been very little enforcement of the regulations historically. However, in 2021, things are starting to change! Not only are we seeing more states enforcing the total-THC limit, but we're seeing federal agencies enforce it as well.
Hey, what does "(+/- MU)" mean?
We forgot to go over that, didn't we? (+/- MU) means +/- measured uncertainty and it is a provision that accounts for the natural variability that can occur between multiple labs. It's also the reason why you'll see flower on our site that contains 0.34% total-THC. 
Any other questions? Please reach out to our team! We're happy to walk you through it.
Merlot - Greenhouse • 15.66% CBDa

Merlot - Greenhouse • 15.66% CBDa


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  • 5
    My MJ friend's favorite

    Posted by kitty on May 13th 2020

    I got my friend 4 samplers for XMAS and this is the one she keeps asking for, it's the one she could really feel results from, even being the skeptic she is, and really being dedicated to the MJ. I think it is my favorite of the 10 or so I have tried here as well. It smoked well, tasted good, calming, what else do you want? And I used to be right there with her, dedicated to MJ, but have given it up due to my location. I did not see seeds, or perhaps there was one or two and I just naturally removed them without complaining like a special little princess. I mean, how lazy can you be? But I am waiting for more. And so is she. Please restock it and ignore the haters. Something is wrong with them.

  • 1

    Posted by M on Feb 17th 2020

    This is the worst product I've seen from tweedle farms. No wonder it was on *sale* . I found more than 20 seeds in 3 small thumb-tip sized buds. It crushed straight to dry powder with a gentle squeeze. I have seen schwag with better quality. I am a huge fan of tweedle farms but this product is beneath you.

  • 4

    Posted by Jay Drone on Jan 20th 2020

    very nice strain here price was on point and quality deff there , go to " Jay Done Smokes " on youtube I have a video unboxing of it there

  • 5
    Best CBD Bud Quality

    Posted by The Gasman on Nov 13th 2019

    VERY Good 10/10 Buds Were Beautiful Full Of Trichomes.

  • 2
    Smokes badly

    Posted by Effie on Nov 4th 2019

    I didn’t like this flower at all it had so many seeds in each but plus the taste was awful it didn’t feel anything off this flower this one is the worst I have purchased off here everything else has been good