Sezzle: How Does it Work?


Pay only 25% of the order price today. Then, we'll ship your order out normally, and then, the remaining 75% of will be charged to your card in 25% increments every two weeks. 

100% interest-free, with no impact to your credit.



Sign-up only takes about 1 minute, and the majority of people are approved!

Steps to Sezzle Success:

1. Shop, as you normally would, at Tweedle Farms
2. Choose Sezzle at checkout. You'll be redirected to their site, where you can either sign-up or login
3. Your order will be shipped normally, and your payment will be split into four equal payments and charged over 6 weeks!

"The also offer a buy now, pay later option through sezzle which is super helpful for people like me who need the relief with products but don't get paid for another week. Overall though this place is 10/10. I hope they continue to keep up the good work." - Nicholas R. 

"Nice Flower. I love the fact they are partnered with sezzle as well." - Jason S.

"Not only THE best product but the best Customer Service. And now they are using Sezzle which lets your order be divided up into 4 equal payments! No excuse for not using this amazing company!!" - Phyllis B.