What Ingredients Are In Your Vape Cartridge? - Tweedle Farms What Ingredients Are In Your Vape Cartridge? - Tweedle Farms

What Ingredients Are In Your Vape Cartridge? - Tweedle Farms

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Mar 1st 2021

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Customers are often asking us what our CBD cartridges are made out of.

And for a good reason: Tweedle Farms vape cartridges are special. When you hold up our vape cartridge next to another CBD brand's vape cartridge, you may notice that ours has less viscosity. What does that mean? How do we do that? And what's up with that little bubble? Let’s find out.

What are Tweedle Farms cartridges made out of?

Every Tweedle Farms' CBD vape cartridge is made with premium-quality crystal-resistant distillate (CRD) and pure hemp-derived terpenes. Nothing else. Plus, we use AVD hardware, which features a fully ceramic atomizer and is regarded, industry-wide, as the best hardware on the market. AVD is a US-based company that was started by and for people who produce top-shelf cannabis concentrates, so you can be confident that your CBD cartridge experience will be enjoyable and consistent.

How does Tweedle Farms keep the contents of its vape cartridges from crystallizing?

Every Tweedle Farms vape cart has a low level of viscosity. That's because of the type of distillate we use. Our crystal-resistant distillate is exceptionally high in minor cannabinoids (much higher than the industry-average distillate). Because the content of minor cannabinoids is so high, it allows us to keep the CBD content under 65%, which is the point at which CBD-rich distillate "crashes" (i.e., crystallizes).

Now, minor cannabinoids like CBG, etc., are particularly predisposed to crystallization. As a result, more lipids, fats, and waxes need to be removed from the distillate to function well inside a cartridge. They are released early in the extraction process through winterization and filtering. Because the distillate is so low in lipids, fats, and waxes, it appears to be much thinner than what people are used to.

What is the bubble test for vape cartridges?

The bubble test can help you test the quality of your vape cartridge's contents. Vape cartridges have an air bubble that can be seen at the bottom of each cartridge. The bubble test is when you turn the cartridge over and see the bubble move to the cartridge's top part.

High cannabinoid content distillate is so thick that it barely moves at all, which can make your vape pen clog or draw poorly, if at all. As a result, the distillate is usually diluted. In the case of Tweedle Farms, hemp-derived terpenes make our distillate less viscous.

Repeated winterization and filtering early in the extraction process also reduces the viscosity of distillate by removing lipids, fats, and waxes.

Where do the bubbles in vape cartridges come from?

CBD vaping removes some of the oil from the cartridge. Air replaces that used oil in the form of a bubble.

What's winterization?

There are five necessary steps in the process of creating CBD distillate.

  1. Extraction
  2. Winterization
  3. Filtration
  4. Decarboxylation
  5. Distillation

If you've ever cooked a piece of meat and seen the fat gelatinize and separate from the meat, then you've witnessed winterization.

To get more scientific: winterization is when you take a nonpolar substance (raw hemp oil) and dissolve it in a polar solvent (ethanol) at temperatures below zero. This has to be done at temperatures below -112°F for at least 24 hours so that the undesirable portions can coagulate. The filtration process, which is sped up by using a vacuum, must also be done at these temperatures.

Is crystallization bad?

Crystallization isn't necessarily bad. It's not dangerous or harmful. But it can significantly degrade the quality of your vaping experience and damage your vaping device. Some people also find crystallization aesthetically displeasing.

Why does highly concentrated CBD oil crystallize?

Crystallization naturally occurs when CBD is in high enough concentrations. The greater the concentration of CBD, the more likely the oil is to crystalize or harden. That’s just a function of the chemical nature of CBD.

What is the difference between distillate and isolate?

Isolate only contains CBD extract, while distillate includes the whole hemp plant. People seek out distillate rather than isolate because they believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that consuming all the parts of the hemp plant has an effect greater than consuming CBD alone. This is also sometimes known as the "entourage effect."

What are hemp-derived terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring parts of plants. Terpenes give hemp plants their smell and flavor. When we're painstakingly describing the sensory experience of smoking hemp flowers or vaping our cartridges, we're describing the effects of terpenes.

Do your cartridges contain any PG, PEG, VG, or MCT?

No, the only ingredients in our carts are premium-quality crystal-resistant distillate and pure hemp-derived terpenes.

What are PG, PEG, VG, and MCT? Why might they get used in a vape product?

PG or PPG (Propylene Glycol)

PG is a clear, colorless petroleum by-product used in food and industrial products. It's used in vape juice to produce a "throat hit" effect similar to that produced during smoking.

The FDA recognizes PG as generally safe for human consumption, but some studies suggest otherwise.

  • A study from 2010 suggested that inhaling PG can make asthma and allergies worse.
  • Several studies have shown that PG and PEG break down into formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, which are carcinogens when they're vaped at high temperatures.

PG is also used in some antifreeze brands because it's less toxic, making it safer for people, pets, and wildlife than regular antifreeze.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

PEG400 is the most commonly used form of PEG in e-juice. It's used to alter the viscosity of e-juice.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

VG is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oils. It's added to vape liquid to give a "thick" feeling to vapor, making vapor more likely to produce clouds. VG allows for "cloud-chasing" when vaping, which is when you blow big clouds of smoke or even do vape tricks with smoke. The thickness provided by VG has the potential to reduce the lifespan of your vaping device.

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

MCT oil is made from coconut or palm oil. It's sometimes used to thin CBD vape liquid consistency. MCT oil is also used to increase the bioavailability of the CBD product, such as CBD Oil. Bioavailability refers to the percentage of a substance that gets into your bloodstream. Inhalation is already the CBD consumption method with the highest bioavailability percentage, so vape cartridges don’t need any help in that department.

Is it possible to tell what your CBD vape juice has been cut with if it's been cut?

Terpenes have a recognizable taste, which you'll notice right away when you vape any of our cartridges. Cartridges made with VG or PG will have a distinctly sweet taste rather than a distinct terpene taste.

How much CBD is in a vape cartridge?

To figure out the CBD dose in your vape cartridge, just multiply the product’s CBD rating by 1,000 (assuming that your item is one gram in weight, which all of our vape cartridges are). One gram of our Suver Haze Vape Cartridge is 40.38% CBD, which means there's 403.8mg of CBD per vape cartridge.

What vape battery will a Tweedle Farms cartridges fit?

Each cartridge is fitted with an industry-standard 510-thread, meaning they will fit nearly any battery.

Does Tweedle Farms sell a CBD vape pen?

We do.

Are there different types of CBD vape oil cartridge?

There are three different types of CBD oil found in vape cartridges.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD only. That means no terpenes or other cannabinoids. CBD isolate has the mildest flavor and the highest amount of CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This contains 100% of the hemp extract. That's CBD along with the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, including no more than .3% THC.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

This contains CBD along with the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, not including any THC at all.

Are Tweedle Farm's concentrates third-party tested?

Tweedle Farm's concentrates are third-party tested. That means an unaffiliated, independent group uses industry-approved methods to verify the cannabinoid content of our product.

Is your hemp grown without chemicals?

As with all of our products, the hemp we use is grown without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. Since hemp is a bioaccumulator, it absorbs chemicals in the soil. As a result, a clean source means that when you smoke our joints or consume any of our other products, be they CBD gummy or topicals, you absorb only the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Can I pass a drug test if I vape CBD concentrate?

Despite the extremely low THC concentration, Tweedle Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will pass a drug test after using this product.

Wrapping Up

There you have it: everything you might want to know about vape cartridges. Did we leave anything out? Contact us. We'll answer your question ASAP. If enough people ask the same question, then we'll know to write a blog about it.