White Willow CBG - Greenhouse • 4.91% CBGa & 6.93% CBDa

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Where did all the high CBD strains go?
Well, in 2018, the USDA put new regulations in the Farm Bill that further defined hemp as an agricultural crop. One of the most important regulations was the change in definition of allowable total-THC (delta9-THC + THCa x.877) in hemp flower and hemp products to 0.3% (+/- MU) total-THC. Each state with a hemp program was to have a compliance plan submitted by October of 2020, but the pandemic forced the USDA to extend that deadline to 2021. In the meantime, the USDA's IFRs (interim final rules) were modified slightly to include longer pre-harvest testing windows, extension of DEA certified lab requirements to 2022 and destruction/remediation requirements for non-compliance. What did not change was the 0.3% (+/- MU) total-THC requirement.
The genetics available in the 2019 and 2020 growing seasons made it almost impossible to grow, dry, trim, and deliver compliant flower. It could be done, but only at great cost and effort to the grower. The marketplace was looking solely for the highest CBD numbers available as they were largely uneducated about the new requirements. Farms that complied (like us!) were at a serious disadvantage because there was no benefit to doing the right thing since there has been very little enforcement of the regulations historically. However, in 2021, things are starting to change! Not only are we seeing more states enforcing the total-THC limit, but we're seeing federal agencies enforce it as well.
Hey, what does "(+/- MU)" mean?
We forgot to go over that, didn't we? (+/- MU) means +/- measured uncertainty and it is a provision that accounts for the natural variability that can occur between multiple labs. It's also the reason why you'll see flower on our site that contains 0.34% total-THC. 
Any other questions? Please reach out to our team! We're happy to walk you through it.
White Willow CBG - Greenhouse • 4.91% CBGa & 6.93% CBDa

White Willow CBG - Greenhouse • 4.91% CBGa & 6.93% CBDa


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    Really like

    Posted by steven gross on Nov 23rd 2019

    Really liked this one , just got a little bit now its gone, Wish had more!

  • 5

    Posted by Tanner J on Nov 23rd 2019

    This is the best looking bud I’ve gotten from tweedle yet! This strain looks exactly like golden goat- light green bud, a TON of light orange hairs, and so much white little crystals that a ton fly everywhere when u break the bud down. I’d use a grinder for that reason. The bud is not dense, it is light and fluffy. Not super pungent but def 10/10 glad I purchased. Thanks tweedle

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    Best Night Time Strain

    Posted by Charles Urgitus on Nov 21st 2019

    I've tried about 10 different hemp strains from Tweedle farms looking for that perfect night time sleepy strain. I found that in white willow CBG. I have other good night time strains like Special Sauce and Elektra, but this strain is consistent. The only negative is that it's a little dry, but they tell you that before you purchase it.

  • 5
    White Willow is FIRE

    Posted by Ian Buchanan on Nov 19th 2019

    I was pleasantly surprised by Tweedle Farm's White Willow. With a CBD:CBG ratio of 1.5:1, the effect was very balanced, soothing and mellow. As far as appearences go, this flower gets a 10/10 from me. I've never seen hairs this long, and you can tell right away why they call it "White" Willow. Don't let the 6.9% CBD fool you. Combine that with 4.9% CBG and take into consideration that CBG enhances the effect of CBD and you have yourself a well rounded strain. The CBG is quite distinct. You get a nice, sedating wave of relaxation without making you drowsy. This will serve as my night time strain before bed for the time being. Get this while you still can because I'm sure it's going to sell out quickly.

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    CBG? More like OMG, amirite?

    Posted by nugletson on Nov 18th 2019

    Not going to lie, as soon as I saw the email come in announcing this, I took the plunge and bought an ounce. Oh, sure... the description says there’s nothing to the nose. And to that I say “bullllllllllllshpoop.” It smells like a super cheesy sativa in the best way possible. And no, not subtle. The description also says “these are loose nugs.” And to that I’d respond by saying “they may not be super jam packed dense, but they’re COVERED in white trichomes to the point of looking downright abominable snowman-like. This is probably my 4th or 5th strain I’ve bought from the wonderful people at Tweedle Farms ranging from 12-19% CBD content. Half were akin to “passable” outside herb on terms of pure looks. Half looked like tightly cultivated indoor ganj. Nonethess, I have never once been let down. But these? Whole ‘nother level. These are by far the most impressive, the most beautiful, nugs I’ve ever bought from our buddies. The feel doe? CBG changes things. I can’t explain it except the 1.5:1 ratio between CBG:CBD is super magical. If this stuff ever comes back in stock, but it. Trust me. Buy it.

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    Little dry but amazing

    Posted by Zion on Nov 16th 2019

    So after receiving the hemp I did notice that it was pretty dry as warned so I left a orange peel in with the bud for about 4-5 hours and it became almost fresh harvest moist which was perfect. The smell is very loud and intoxicating, the taste (dry herb vaporizer) was very good this is honestly some of the best CBG hemp I most certainly look forward to ordering more. Tweedlefarms you did it again.