Full Spectrum RSO vs CBD Flower Full Spectrum RSO vs CBD Flower

Full Spectrum RSO vs CBD Flower

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Oct 18th 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, it's essential to explore the intricacies of the many products currently on offer, especially those which purport to be full spectrum.

Now, we’re obviously a bit biased at Tweedle Farms, because we understand the amount of time and energy that goes into our product formulation, and we are particularly partial to the products we’re exploring today - our Full Spectrum RSO and our Velox (one of the many strains of CBD flower we offer).

In the following article, we are going to compare and contrast the cannabinoid results of the Full Spectrum RSO and Velox hemp flower to better understand both products. In turn, this information will hopefully help you, the customer, have a better idea of what to use and when.

Full-Spectrum RSO

What is RSO? What is Full Spectrum RSO?

RSO (an acronym for Rick Simpson Oil) is a high potency extract made from cannabis; in this case, CBD flower. Because it’s made from full CBD flower, it contains substantial concentrations of the many compounds found in the hemp plant; from cannabinoids and terpenes, esters and flavonoids, even fats, lipids, and proteins.

“Full Spectrum RSO” is what we call our RSO. We feel that the inclusion of the term, “full spectrum,” can help our customers that are less well-versed in the world of cannabis and hemp flower to understand what it is and why it’s important.

How is RSO different from CBD Wax?

Despite both being cannabis extracts made from CBD flower, RSO is much less refined than CBD Wax.

When evaluating the available lab results, you’ll see that our Full Spectrum RSO contains 7 different cannabinoids, compared with CBD Wax that contains 2-3, depending on the strain of hemp flower used.

This is not to say that the RSO is better than the CBD Wax. Rather, the CBD Wax is for those that want a significantly higher concentration of CBD, rather than a wider spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.


What is Velox?

Velox is a truly incredible strain of CBD hemp flower. A cross between Cherry and Lightning, it is known for its nice chunky structure, impressive cannabinoid percentage, and sweet, gassy nose. These traits, along with its consistency and exclusivity, have helped to make it the favorite CBD flower of many of our customers and employees alike.

The specific batch we’ll be using in our comparison today is the indoor-grown Velox.

Oh yeah, did you notice that we used the word “exclusivity” above? You can’t get this strain of CBD flower anywhere else. Only Tweedle Farms.

Comparing RSO and CBD Flower

Before we dive into the numbers, it’s important to state the obvious: RSO is an extract. As a result, it contains a whole lot more cannabinoids than any strain of CBD flower. At 635mg/gram, it dwarfs the average CBD flower result of around 150mg/gram. That said, each product has its place!

On to the numbers.


CBD, 446 mg/g, 70% of the total concentration
CBDA, 74.2 mg/g, 11.7% of the total concentration
CBC, 52.4 mg/g, 8.2% of the total concentration
CBN, 24.8 mg/g, 3.9% of the total concentration
CBDV, 17.2 mg/g, 2.7% of the total concentration
CBG, 14.7 mg/g, 2.3% of the total concentration
CBDVA, 6.2 mg/g, 0.97% of the total concentration


CBDA, 170 mg/g, 91% of the total concentration
CBGA, 7.2 mg/g, 3.8% of the total concentration
THCA, 6.5 mg/g, 3.5% of the total concentration
CBC, 1.2 mg/g, 0.6% of the total concentration
CBDVA, 0.78 mg/g, 0.4% of the total concentration

Aside from the obvious difference in potency that was addressed above, there are a couple other standouts when comparing RSO and CBD flower.

  • RSO has a whole lot more CBD when compared to the Velox hemp flower, which is entirely made up of CBDA.
    • This is because cannabis plants largely produce raw cannabinoids. They are not converted out of their raw, or acidic, form until they are heated or burned.
    • When one combines the amount of CBD with the amount of CBDA in the RSO, the combined amount of 520mg/g accounts for nearly 82% of the total cannabinoid concentration of the RSO. That number is a whole lot closer to the 170mg/g that makes up 91% of the cannabinoid concentration of the CBD flower.
  • RSO contains CBDV, CBN, and CBG; none of which are found in the CBD flower.
    • This is due to the fact that, because RSO is an extract, we’re able to control what flowers are used to produce it. As a result, we can add some CBG flower and CBDV flower to boost the overall cannabinoid spectrum!
  • The CBD flower contains THCA. The RSO does not.
    • THCA and THC are found in very small amounts in the CBD hemp flower. Consequently, they sometimes do not make it into the extract itself. Or, they do, but in such small amounts that it’s barely picked up by the lab results.

Comparing the Uses of RSO and CBD Flower

How to Use RSO

This is where we find the biggest difference between RSO and CBD flower. Although you can smoke or dab RSO, it’s typically eaten.

Although it was originally developed to be used topically, users most often eat little dollops the size of a grain of rice every day.

Want more information on this? You can find dosing information, as well as a dosing schedule, here.

Can you smoke RSO?

You definitely can! It can be added to a bowl, a pre roll joint, or even dabbed, but because of it’s thick consistency, it’s most often ingested.

How to Use CBD Flower

CBD flower, and cannabis flower, in general, is the all-natural product of a thousand uses. Smoke it, vape it, infuse it, cook with it. You can even eat it to take advantage of the raw cannabinoids (although we don’t recommend it).


In the end, it really comes down to how you want to ingest your cannabinoids and why you’re ingesting your cannabinoids.

Although it is possible to smoke RSO, if you enjoy the ritual of smoking, you’re likely going to have the best time using a fragrant high-potency CBD flower like our indoor-grown Velox.

If you like eating your cannabinoids, but don’t want to take the time to make your own CBD-infused goodies, RSO is a great option.

For maximum effectiveness, we sincerely recommend using both. Our RSO is very easy to dose, and because it’s taken in such small amounts, each tube lasts a long time. Its daily use can then bolster the therapeutic benefits of using CBD flower!

We hope all that information. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!