How to Use RSO How to Use RSO

How to Use RSO

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Dec 15th 2023

Despite having a long, storied history, RSO is one of those products that consistently prompts questions…

What is RSO?
What is RSO used for?
How much RSO should I take?
How do I use an RSO syringe?

Well, we’re here to demystify this potent extract and help to guide you on your journey with it.

First a bit of history. RSO, aka Rick Simpson Oil, was developed by a man named Rick Simpson when he was diagnosed with skin cancer in the early aughts. Through his own extensive research into cannabis, he developed a method for extracting cannabinoids using 99% isopropyl alcohol (if you’re interested in using hemp flower to make it for yourself, you can find our recipe here).

Once he had made his first batch of what would come to be known as RSO, he applied it to his skin, and within four days, his cancerous cells were reportedly gone.

Now, we’re going to go over how to use RSO, and specifically how to use RSO syringe. Our goal is to help you understand the appropriate dosages for different applications, from topical use, to inhalation, to ingestion.

How to Use RSO Topically

Rick Simpson initially used his oil topically, and this method is still popular today. For topical application, it's advisable to mix RSO with grain alcohol. This can be done by partially filling a 30ml tincture bottle with alcohol and adding a few drops of RSO, allowing the two to combine. Then, you can apply the infused alcohol to the desired area on your skin.

Perhaps you're left with a small amount of the extract, and you’re curious how to use what’s leftover in the RSO syringe? In this case, you can use the plunger to pull some grain alcohol into the RSO syringe, let the two infuse, and then use the RSO syringe to apply it to your skin.

How to use RSO for Smoking

The question often arises: can RSO be smoked? Absolutely! A tiny amount of RSO can be added to a bowl of CBD flower or to the tip of a pre roll.. Dabbing RSO, however, is a bit more complex due to its whole plant composition, which may clog dab rigs due to the presence of proteins, fats, and lipids.

If you decide to add some RSO to a bowl, simply take your RSO syringe and squeeze out a tiny dollop the size of a grain of rice onto your CBD flower.

How to use RSO: Dosage Guidelines

Before discussing dosing, let's touch on Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). The dosage guidelines for FECO, which is meant for ingestion, also apply to RSO.

  • Begin with a drop half the size of a short-grain rice grain.
  • Take three times daily for the initial four days.
  • Then, increase the dose to the size of a full grain of rice.
  • Take three times daily.
  • Gradually, over three to five weeks, users typically increase their intake to about 1 gram or 1ml per day, divided into three doses.

Mastering the use of RSO is an intricate but rewarding journey. Whether it's learning the correct method to use an RSO syringe or determining the ideal dosage for your needs, it's important to approach this potent oil with both curiosity and caution. As with any cannabis product, starting with lower doses and gradually adjusting is crucial. Each individual's experience with RSO is unique, and it's essential to stay in tune with your body's reactions and seek professional advice when needed.

If you’d like to purchase some RSO for yourself, you may do so here.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to make RSO at home. You can find CBD hemp flower, in the form of full flower, smalls, and shake here.