Hawaiian Haze - Outdoor • 17.56% CBDa

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Genetics: DC Haze x ERB
Grown By: Tweedle Farms
Cannabinoid Content: 17.56% CBDa & less than .04% Δ9 THC
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, Phytol
Type: Hybrid
Nose: Musty, sweet earth and plant matter. When ground, the flowers exude huge notes of sweet, pungent tropical fruit, with a hint of sharpness akin to ammonia.
General: Full of medium-sized buds, this batch of Hawaiian Haze is chock full of dark purple flowers, each intertwined with reddish-brown pistils and caked with cream-colored trichomes. The flowers are not the most dense that we've ever seen, but they're quite beautiful, and we're very happy to be able to finally get this Tweedle-grown strain onto the site!

As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. 

Despite the extremely low concentration of THC, Tweedle Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

Packaging is 100% plant-based.

10 Reviews

  • 5
    Please keep this in stock

    Posted by Sef on Jan 19th 2020

    Tweedle this is my favorite strain please keep it in stock and never terminate the strain :)

  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Sef on Jan 19th 2020

    My favorite strain. Ordered a quarter before, liked it so much that I just ordered an ounce.

  • 5
    My Top Positive Vibes Bud

    Posted by Tea on Jan 12th 2020

    I am about a dozen varieties into trying the world of hemp now. While other buds at any point can flip my mood either way, or lock me into a worsening anxious/negative mental state (even while they help my other symptoms), Hawaiian Haze is the ONLY one I've tried so far that CONSISTENTLY relieves my emotional and mental tension and negativity. I have never slipped into a worse state on it like the others can cause.

    It hasn't helped my nausea (my worst symptom besides pains), but has so reliably fixed my mood that I would definitely keep this one on stock! It's also the least skunky and most pleasant fruity type smelling bud if that's what you're searching for.

  • 5

    Posted by JoCar on Dec 19th 2019

    If you enjoy Suver Haze and Lifter you’ll love this! Extremely floral smell, refreshing and uplifting aroma. The effects are a moderate sedation with an uplifting mood. I’d be happy going on a bike ride or sitting and watching a documentary. Very similar to Pineberry for me....a very equal balance feeling of Sativa/Indica.
    Definitely soothes an active mind and puts you in the present moment.

  • 5

    Posted by Jason P on Dec 17th 2019

    I try a different strain each time I've ordered. This is the one. The effects are amazing if you desire a good chill. It gave a whole body of tranquil peace feeling. Another great strain from TF!

  • 5

    Posted by Jason Hassan on Dec 12th 2019

    This is delicious and I feel a nice relaxation that helps me sleep. Buds are gorgeous and fluffy. I will be buying more.

  • 5
    A must try

    Posted by shawn forsythe on Dec 11th 2019

    Buds are beautiful, tastes great very tropical. The effects are of a haze.

  • 4
    Hawaiian Haze - VERY relaxing!

    Posted by LJ on Dec 11th 2019

    This is my second favorite flower. I find it to be a relaxing and calming experience. For myself, I have noticed a strong anti inflammatory effect. The tase is fruity and grassy. Very pleasant indeed.

  • 3
    It's ok

    Posted by JasmineM123 on Dec 6th 2019

    When I ordered my Oz, I was expecting fresh nugs, but instead when I opened the package the nugs were dry and smelled old. Other than that the effects are amazing, very calming and relaxing. Highly recommend it for anxiety.