Biosync Industries LLC

BioSync Industries LLC

BioSync Industries LLC’s farm is found in Umpqua Valley, Oregon. Founder Ron Spencer likes to say, “We’re not a hemp company that cares about the Earth, but rather an Earth company that cares about hemp.” So you know the stuff is good!

Biosync Industries LLC

Spencer, spent over a decade researching what would become his MBA thesis project, BioSynthesis. In their own words, BioSync Industries LLC seeks to “regenerate natural ecosystems, produce clean energy, and give back to the community through social equity while still maintaining economic success.”

The perfect commodity for this process? Hemp!

Top Products From BioSync Industries LLC

Tweedle Farms added two brand new strains of hemp flower from BioSync Industries LLC: Maraschino and Sweet Wife.

What People Are Saying About BioSync Industries LLC

We encourage you to read Tweedle Farms reviews before making a purchase and to leave a review afterward so we know how we’re doing! Since Maraschino and Sweet Wife is brand new, so you’ll either have to write the review yourself or wait for other customers to write the first reviews.

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BioSync Industries LLC Legal Compliance

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Tweedle Farms Quality Guarantee

Every product that Tweedle Farms sells is sourced from hemp flower grown without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.